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About Ghagga

Ghagga is a small town in the Patiala district of Punjab. It is also a municipal committee and is located on the Patiala - Patran road. The town lies along the border of Haryana. Ghagga is a part of the Shutrana constituency and is well known for the Ghagga Kothi which was built by the royal family of Patiala.
About Ghagga

Important People of Ghagga

Sardar Ridha Singh Ji Akali of Ghagga village went on to become the vice president of the Riyasat Parjamandal Party. Sardar Sewa Singh Thikriwala who belonged to the Thikriwala village was the President of the same party. The Riyasat Parjamandal Party was a great part of freedom struggle which worked on the single motto of equal rights for common man. The party was formed to fight the restrictions imposed by the British rule on the people of Punjab. The roads that connected villages to the towns and the cities had no freedom movement. These roads were rather used by the Maharaja for his hunting expeditions. This along with other injustice done towards the people of Punjab initiated the formation of the Riyasat Parjamandal Party. Sardar Ridha Singh Ji Akali Pannu was the person who actively participated in all the freedom movements of the party for the natives of Punjab. Dr. Kartar Singh Dang who is popularly known as Papaji was only doctor in the region for the period ranging from 1951 to 1992. This man served the poor and needy people of the town with great dedication. Master Hamir singh Ghagga who was a former minister also hails from this village.

Demography of Ghagga

The total population of Ghagga village is 25000 as per the 2001 population census. Out of this the total male population is 53% and the female population constitutes to 47%. The average literacy rate of Ghagga town is 49% which is lower than the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy rate of the town constitutes to 56% and the female literacy rate totals to 41%. 15% of the total population in the Ghagga village is children who are under the age of 6 years.

Banks in Ghagga

Ghagga not being a major economic center, not many banks have their branches in Ghagga. The following two banks have their branches in the town.

State Bank of Patiala (SBP)

Address: Vpo Ghagga Teh Samana, Punjab - 147102
Phone: 01764-252379
IFSC Code: STBP0000694

Punjab and Sind Bank

Address: Ghagga, Distt. Patiala, Punjab – 147102
Phone: 01764-252263
IFSC Code: PSIB0000070

Doctors in Ghagga

Ghagga being a small town doesn’t have many hospitals around. The only medical assistance that the people of the town get is from a nursing home in Samana. For major medical assistance people have to travel to Patiala. The nearest nursing home is available at the following address.

DR. K.K Johri

Address: Surindera Nursing Home, Surindera Nursing Home, Samana, Patiala – 147101
Phone: 9814040788

Tourist Attractions in Ghagga

Ghagga Kothi is the main tourist attraction of this town. The local people are very proud of this palatial mansion which is currently maintained by the Punjab police. This tiny palace was built by the Maharaja of Patiala in 8 acres of land to accommodate himself and his guests to rest when they were in the region for hunting. This rest house is built in the middle of the jungle making it look beautiful. Later this fortress was converted to Station Head Office by the Punjab police and the top floor of the fort is used by the officer as his residence. Lassi Khaana which used to be on the south-west side of the fort was used as the kitchen. Due to bad maintenance by the local government, the kitchen was ruined and is no more seen in the compound of the palace. The Viceroy of India and Prince of Wales once stayed at this mansion during his hunting expedition.